Screen Security Ltd have been designing ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS for over 35 years and our expertise in the security sector is second to none.

The core principal of an Access System is to control entry or entry/exit to a site, building and specific areas with-in a site or building, this in turn removed the opportunities for access to unauthorised visitors.

The choice of identification technology is important, not only to ensure that the system remains secure but also in terms of the day-to-day support of the system.

As technologies are been advanced by many manufacturers, this has given us a huge array of identification technologies to choose from, such as Proximity, Smart, passive, active, magnetic strip, barcode Cards etc, biometrics (finger print, retina scan, palm scan, facial recognition and voice recognition) to simple keypads and code locks. Each of these technologies is appropriate in the proper environment.

Majority of medium to high end access control systems can do a lot more than simply lock doors, particularly PC controlled, networked or “on-line” systems which can also provide door monitoring, door ajar, door alarm, unauthorised access alarm, time & attendance tracking, fire alarm mustering, staff/visitor ID badges and much more.

At the higher end of the spectrum, you can have an access system that can control multiple sites from a single or various locations, using LAN (local area networks) and or WAN (wide area networks).

Access can form an integral part of a building overall security requirements, they can also be integrated with other security system, using security integration management systems, utilising inputs from other systems, such as Intruder alarm system, CCTV, Fire Alarm system with building/site maps indicating inputs and door status.

Access control systems can contribute more to the security of an environment than any other single systems.