Intruder Alarm

Screen Security Ltd has been designing Intruder Alarm Systems for over 35 years and our expertise in the security sector is second to none.

We have experience in designing and installing high quality systems using a wide range of high quality, award winning intruder alarm equipment. Our in-depth experience of installing quality intruder alarm systems has given us the perfect insight into providing our customers with the quality products to match budgets and client requirements.

We can provide state of the art equipment utilising upload/ download technology for remote interrogation of the system. Using this facility, Screen Security Ltd with the clients authority where the client would verify access with their user code, can call-up and interrogate the intruder systems panel to interrogate the system on behalf of the client. This remote facility also provides an immediate on-line diagnostic facility whereby faults can be identified and also when required, individual changes can be made remotely.

Our Service Department provides a full technical and service support back-up 365 days of the year on a 24-hour basis for our maintenance clients, should any service or emergency visits be required. Our service engineers are continually updated on the latest equipment and are provided with regular technical training seminars to keep their skills up to the highest standard.

Screen Security Ltd holds an Irish Standard Licence relating to Irish Standard EN.50137-1- 2006 granted by Management Systems Certification Ltd and are PSA registered.

Maintaining your Intruder Alarm System All alarm systems need to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that all the components are operating within the manufactures guidelines. Having a maintenance contract with Screen Security Ltd will ensure that your system will be tested by our engineers on a regular basis with the added advantage of having our engineers available on a 24 hour basis. It is important that batteries are tested on a regular basis in both standard wired systems and wireless systems.

If you have a maintenance agreement with Screen Security Ltd and if you experience a problem with your Intruder Alarm System outside regular office hours (9 am to 5.00 pm Mon-Fri) our emergency on Call Engineer is available to provide advice and, if necessary, call out to your system.

A Intruder Alarm system can form an integral part of a buildings overall security requirements, they can also be integrated with other security systems, using security integration management system, utilising inputs from other systems such as CCTV system, Access Control and Fire Alarm systems with building/site maps indicating inputs and door status.